It is drought tolerant and likes to live on well drains soils. it can reach highs as 15 to 20 feet. It blooms in early spring. it remains green during the spring and the summer, but sheds the foliage during winter time. It likes partial or full sun. it is a medium size tree. Mostly used as an ornament tree.

Desert willow

It is a small tree native to Texas. It has long narrow leaves and flowers are clusters on the tips of its branches that occurs in late spring to fall, depending on rainfall. It can reach highs as 15 to 20 feet.

Growth may need some attention as it is not regular at first.

American Smoke Tree

Found in the Texas Hill Country where it grows over limestone and river bluffs. It blooms pink flowers which give the illusion of smoke rising from the tree if seen from a far distance. It can turn yellow and orange during the fall. It is very heat tolerant and it can reach highs up to 25 feet.

Texas Ash Tree

It is a relative of the White Ash Tree, but is more tolerant to drought. It grows in Dallas and the North Central Texas Region. It needs low amounts of water and moisture. It turns yellow gold, glowing red and orange during the fall. It can reach up to 50 feet tall when full grown.

Live Oak

It is a large long-live-tree that adapts to many soil types and can resist drought. It is evergreen and mostly a shade tree. It can resist both, heat and some cold temperatures. It can grow between 40 to 60 feet tall, but it can reach up to 100 feet.

Cedar Elm.

The most widespread native elm in Texas. It has a shade tree that can adapt to many soils. It is very drought tolerant. It turns gold yellow and blooms during the fall. It is a large tree that can reach up to 90 feet tall and 80 feet wide when fully grown