The 2011 drought was Texas's most intense one-year drought on record. At worst, 88 percent of the state was at its most severe status in the drought monitor map. Drought has continued through 2014. Water levels continue to decrease and availability for lawns will be limited. Water restrictions will increase and we will see more lawns in bad shape.

Don't risk it

Turn your ordinary yard into an urban Native Texas Oasis an in to the garden of your dreams.




1. Beauty

Native plants produce flowers, fruits, seeds and foliage very pleasant to the eye and unique to the region. Native plants are beautiful and friendly to Wildlife.



2. low maintanance

Native plants require little care when grown under the right conditions. By choosing the right plants the need of harmful chemicals or fertilizers won't be necessary.


3. community

You will raise the standard for urban landscaping and add the available habitat for native wildlife. Planting Native will save natural heritage for future generations


4. better air and water quality

Native gardening improves air and water quality on a regional level. Pollution is reduced by eliminating the need for lawn maintenance equipment and chemicals such as CO2. You avoid a run-off of chemicals into streams and lakes.